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If you are a security integrator who has struggled to keep wireless, battery-powered cameras connected to the internet in a noisy, technology-cluttered city area, a parking garage, or a corporate campus, Wi-Fi HaLow is poised to be the game-changer that enables constant connectivity for these cameras.

If you are a residential integrator tired of receiving 10 calls a day from homeowners whose video doorbell or outdoor camera is not connecting, this technology will surely change the game. If you have residential customers who live on a sprawling piece of land – such as a farm – this technology would enable you to hang wireless security cameras and motion sensors around the perimeter of the property and stream the video and motion alerts back to a central point, from as far as three kilometers away.    

No other protocol comes close to meeting the unique requirements of battery-powered wireless security cameras as effectively and efficiently as Wi-Fi HaLow. It can easily penetrate walls and other barriers and thrives in noisy environments with lots of buildings. It enables cameras at the network edge to connect wirelessly and operate on batteries, eliminating the need for Power over Ethernet cabling, making it an ideal option for smart city sensor and camera deployments as well.

In the end, the technology offers 10 times the range, 100 times the coverage area, and 1000 times the volume of traditional Wi-Fi technology. Interestingly, Wi-Fi HaLow is not proprietary. Users don’t need a special controller, a hub, or a gateway – they just plug a HaLow access point into a traditional local area network and they are ready to go. Wi-Fi HaLow not only increases wireless range; it also extends battery life with its power-saving features.

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