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A prominent American clothing retail chain with 600+ stores nationwide, like many retailers, was concerned with the threat of credential stuffing on its website which can endanger sensitive customer information. Seeking a proactive solution, they turned to DataDome due to their effective bot mitigation, easy integration process, and knowledgeable support team. With DataDome’s assistance, the clothing retailer was able to successfully curb bot attacks, safeguarding their reputation and customer data.

Throughout our collaboration with DataDome, every person we spoke to was knowledgeable about the service provided and able to explain how it protects our interests. This level of competence was truly refreshing.

Network Engineer

The Problem: Credential Stuffing Attacks Threatened Their Brand Reputation

In 2022, the retailer encountered a significant issue with credential stuffing attacks by bad bots on their website. This threat went unnoticed until a third-party vendor brought it to their attention. The attack compromised some user credentials, leading to potential reputational damage.

These credential stuffing attacks also caused performance issues on the website. Still, the company’s primary concern was the bots potentially gaining unauthorized access to customer credentials and the risk of them being misused. As their Network Engineer recalled, “We were appalled to learn that our customer’s credentials could be compromised. We have a duty to secure all of our customers’ data.”

The Solution: An Approach to Bot Mitigation that Worked with Third-Party Software

The retailer embarked on a search for a bot mitigation solution to combat these attacks. “We had no idea what kind of bot it was,” says their Network Engineer. “We just knew that there were credential stuffing attacks working against us and we needed to stop them immediately.

After exploring various options, the company’s team conducted several Proofs of Concept (POCs) and had discussions with various providers. DataDome stood out for its ability to meet their specific needs and seamlessly integrate with the retailer’s existing systems. “We liked the fact that DataDome had an integration already set up with our third-party vendor. It really was just ‘plug and play’,” said their Network Engineer.

DataDome’s superior protection, fast implementation, and integration with the third-party vendor made DataDome an easy choice for the retailer.

The Results: Enhanced Data Protection & Better Operational Efficiency

Upon implementing DataDome, the customer saw a rapid decrease in bot attacks on its website. The team observed a tangible improvement in website security and now spends significantly less time addressing bot-related issues.

Additionally, the ongoing support provided by DataDome has reinforced their satisfaction with the solution. “It’s very important for us to work with people who have the technology and experience to deal with today’s current threats. I think we’ve found that in DataDome,” said the Network Engineer.

The DataDome support team demonstrated a proactive approach to addressing queries and ensuring a smooth experience beyond the implementation phase. “All DataDome personnel seem to know their product line very well. It was quite refreshing to be able to talk on the phone with any DataDome employee and get a good understanding of bot mitigation strategies,” remarked their Network Engineer.

The customer’s positive experience with DataDome prompted them to recommend the solution to other companies, further underscoring their confidence in DataDome for bot mitigation.

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