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Here are the 100 cloud computing companies of 2024 with the most innovative offerings around cloud security, software, infrastructure, storage and management that you need to know.

The world’s top 100 cloud computing companies will generate hundreds of billions of dollars in 2024 as customers’ cloud desires get accelerated by AI innovation and next-level business transformation use cases.

The largest technology companies are diving deep into cloud computing and subscriptions, as well as cloud cybersecurity and AI-powered cloud products. This includes cloud infrastructure and services superstars like Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft, as well as chip market leaders such as Nvidia and Intel.

IT market research firm Gartner expects worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services alone will hit $679 billion in 2024, up from $564 billion in 2023.

“Cloud has become essentially indispensable,” said Gartner’s Sid Nag, vice president Analyst. “However, that doesn’t mean cloud innovation can stop or even slow. The tables are turning for cloud providers as cloud models no longer drive business outcomes, but rather business outcomes shape cloud models.”

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Nearly every critical technology company is providing some type of cloud product, service or solution in 2024, including security superstars like Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike.

Market research firm Gartner is forecasting cloud security to remain the fastest-growing area of security and risk management spending in 2024. Cloud security spending for 2024 is predicted to climb 24.7 percent to reach $7 billion this year, according to Gartner. Cloud security remains one of the prime areas of product innovation within the broader cybersecurity space.

Other companies investing in cloud products and partnerships include the largest server and storage players in the world including Dell, Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Global spending on cloud infrastructure services is currently at a $272 billion run rate, according to IT research firm Synergy Research Group, as the market hit $68 billion in third quarter 2023.

On the software front, businesses of all shapes and sizes are rapidly adopting cloud software of all types including ERP and CRM software, collaboration and communications systems, data management and analytics platforms, and AI and application development tools.

In terms of cloud management and monitoring, AI-powered assistant and new generative AI solutions are fueling renewed demand for AI-powered cloud solutions. Organizations deploying GenAI services are looking at cloud providers because of the scale of infrastructure required.

“GenAI adoption will also support the growth in industry cloud platforms,” Gartner’s Nag said. “GenAI models that are applicable across diverse industry verticals might require significant customization, affecting scalability and cost-effectiveness. Public cloud providers can position themselves as partners in the responsible and tailored adoption of GenAI by building on the same approaches applied to industry clouds, sovereign clouds and distributed clouds.”

By 2027, Gartner also predicted that more than 70 percent of all enterprises will use cloud platforms to accelerate their business initiatives, up from less than 15 percent today.

CRN has been closely following the largest and most critical cloud computing companies in the world. CRN breaks down the 100 leading cloud companies into five categories: Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Monitoring and Management, Cloud Software and Cloud Storage.

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