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Tencent Cloud EdgeOne recently announced a technology-inclusive program by offering free trials of its personal package to startups, aiming to support their business explorations. The package includes security protection capabilities such as Content & Intelligent Acceleration, Basic CC protection, Web basic access control, Platform-level DDoS, etc.

Tencent Cloud EdgeOne is a one-stop cloud security and acceleration platform developed by Tencent Cloud. With more than 3,200 acceleration edge nodes worldwide, EdgeOne offers a global defense capacity of up to 15Tbps+, becoming a true “All in One” integration of security and acceleration. Through Tencent’s global edge nodes strategically positioned closest to users, EdgeOne adopts the world’s most advanced product technological architecture, providing a one-stop, multi-layered software framework, with computing and other scalable services in one node to streamline operations. Tencent Cloud EdgeOne not only addresses the inherent trade-off between “performance” and “security” faced by traditional solutions, but also offers a comprehensive solution to the intricate challenge of managing fragmented cross-border resources in the realm of globalized business operations, especially for multinational enterprises entering the Chinese market, as well as Chinese enterprises venturing into overseas markets.

Enhanced Security with EdgeOne

Over the years, EdgeOne has consistently prioritized technological advancements and has actively fostered the growth of early-stage projects by promoting inclusivity through open access to its technology. The personal package of EdgeOne now offers security protection capabilities, including Content & Intelligent Acceleration, Basic CC protection, Web basic access control, Platform-level DDoS, with a complimentary one-month trial. In addition to the personal package, EdgeOne also provides a range of comprehensive support through its basic, advanced, and enterprise packages, catering to diverse business needs at various stages of development.

EdgeOne is a pay-as-you-go product based on clean traffic. Its personal package provides dynamic and static acceleration capabilities for businesses, offering security protection features such as Content & Intelligent Acceleration, Basic CC protection, Web basic access control, Platform-level DDoS. Additional features include free HTTPS certificates, load balancing, and rule engines, providing robust support for developers and startups in their business exploration and innovation.

Since its official launch in July 2022, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne has gained high recognition from authoritative institutions and various industries for its technology and product capabilities. It has been selected in Gartner’s Market Guide for DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Gartner’s Market Guide for Cloud Web Application and API Protection, and ranked first in Omdia’s DDoS market share in the Asia-Pacific region.

Currently, EdgeOne has been successfully deployed by global leading customers and in a range of scenarios across different industries, including gaming, audio/ video, finance, and e-commerce. It has served over 500 global gaming enterprises, with 70% of China’s top 10 gaming companies choosing EdgeOne to handle millions of concurrent downloads.

Taking the strategy card game “Reverse: 1999” developed by Bluepoch as an example: it garnered 6 million pre-registrations within a single month before its official launch. Throughout the game’s release and operational phases, it encountered significant hurdles, including a surge in static download traffic, frequent DDoS attacks, and the pressing need to safeguard against game exploits and vulnerabilities. EdgeOne effectively addressed these issues by implementing robust security strategies and reserving substantial bandwidth capacity to handle 100% of the game’s package downloads and hot updates. It successfully managed the unprecedented surge in traffic on its launch day, propelling it to claim the top spot on the iOS free charts.

In today’s rapidly advancing era of data and digital integration, various industries have witnessed a continuous rise in demand for low latency, enhanced security, and robust computing capabilities in their network services. Looking ahead, Tencent Cloud EdgeOne is committed to persistent technological innovation and refining its product and service capabilities. It aims to empower enterprises to effortlessly meet the ever-growing demand for accelerated performance and security pressures during the processes of digital transformation and global operations, thereby achieving higher-quality business innovation and corporate development.

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