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Spoutible, the rapidly growing social media platform known for its commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful online community, has taken a significant step forward in its mission to ensure user safety, security and data integrity. Recognizing the critical importance of robust API security in today’s digital age, Spoutible is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Wallarm, a leader in API and Application security.

“Wallarm is already integrated at Spoutible, enhancing API security while reinforcing the company’s overall security posture. Christopher Bouzy, CEO Spoutible

Elevating API Security and User Privacy

In an era where digital threats are increasingly sophisticated, Spoutible’s collaboration with Wallarm marks a pivotal move towards reinforcing its API security frameworks and safeguarding user privacy. Wallarm’s innovative security solutions offer advanced protection against a wide array of cyber threats, ensuring Spoutible’s users can engage on the platform with peace of mind.

Wallarm: Pioneering Advancements in API Security

Wallarm has emerged as a premier provider of advanced API and application security services, offering Spoutible extensive expertise and a consistent history of effectively safeguarding digital assets and sensitive information.

A Shared Vision for a Safer Digital Community

The synergy between Spoutible and Wallarm stems from a shared vision of creating a safer more secure digital environment. By integrating Wallarm’s security technologies, Spoutible reinforces its commitment to providing a platform where meaningful and free engagement can thrive.

Proactive Security Measures for Trust and Integrity

In addition to the partnership with Wallarm, Spoutible has engaged A-LIGN to conduct external threat assessments, further illustrating the platform’s dedication to proactive security measures. This comprehensive approach to digital safety positions Spoutible as a leader in the social media space, where user trust and platform integrity are paramount.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Secure Social Interactions

Christopher Bouzy, CEO of Spoutible, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, noting that;
“Wallarm is already integrated at Spoutible, enhancing API security while reinforcing the company’s overall security posture.”  This collaboration not only highlights Spoutible’s unwavering commitment to its users but also sets a new standard for security in the social media industry.

“Our decision to partner with two leading cybersecurity companies underscores  Spoutible’s unwavering commitment to user safety and platform integrity,” Spoutible CEO Christopher Bouzy said. “In an era where digital environments are increasingly vulnerable, ensuring a secure and welcoming online community is not just our priority—it’s our responsibility.” 

As Spoutible continues to grow and evolve, its partnership with Wallarm signifies a key milestone in the platform’s journey towards creating a more secure, inclusive, and engaging online space for all. For further information about Spoutible and its innovative approach to social media, visit Spoutible.com and read the press release on this partnership.

For additional insights, check out the Wallarm website.

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