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“SASE converges network and security solutions into an integrated architecture, so it makes sense that these groups would come together to implement and operationalize it. Multicloud adds significant complexity to networking and security at a time when both these groups are fighting to regain influence and control over cloud strategy,” wrote Shamus McGillicuddy, research director for the network management practice at Enterprise Management Associates, in a Network World article. “EMA believes that strong collaboration between the two groups can help both gain more credibility in the cloud.”

Aryaka’s report noted a move away from Multiprotocol Label Switching services, with 76% of those surveyed planning to eliminate MPLS within the next few years and 10% reporting that they have already eliminated MPLS completely. According to the survey, IT, network, and security leaders are not planning to continue investments in MPLS.

  • Eliminate MPLS in 2-3 years: 40%
  • Eliminate MPLS in a year: 36%
  • No MPLS: 10%
  • Use both MPLS and alternatives: 9%
  • Invest more in MPLS: 5%

Other trends Aryaka identified include demand for new cloud services including AI, hybrid work and infrastructure, and zero-trust security approaches and application-level security.

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