Role of AI in Enhancing IoT Security for Smart Cities – Analytics Insight

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Role-of-AI-in-Enhancing-IoT-Security-for-Smart-CitiesRole of AI in enhancing IoT security for smart cities

With rapid urbanization, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IOT) play a key role in enhancing the urban landscape. With the evolution of smart cities, large volume of data has become an opportunity as well as a challenge. In today’s age, data analytics and artificial intelligence are powerful tools to handle great volume of information and help in the management of smart cities.

Here we will be discussing the role of AI in enhancing IOT security in smart cities:

Large Data in Smart Cities:

Smart cities comprise a network of IoT devices, be it sensors on streetlights to connected smart buildings- generating numerous amount of data. The challenge here is deriving insights in order to improve the services in the city and provide a good quality of life to the residents.


Data Analytics serves as a powerful tool in analyzing in analyzing the vast amount of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This data analytics helps in understanding the various aspects of smart city management from traffic management to public health of the residents.

Urban Mobility:

AI processes the data from IOT devices such as GPS systems that help to find alternative routes in case of traffic thus helping in traffic management. This leads to congestion reduction and efficient use of the transportation systems.

Energy efficiency:

AI algorithms and trends analyse the consumption of energy for energy management. The analysis derived from it helps in the optimal distribution of energy and identification of areas where the energy needs to be conserved.

Using AI for public safety:

AI ensures public safety through smart surveillance systems. The security threats can be detected by identifying the patterns of threat to the public. This ensures effective and efficient enforcement of law especially in case of emergency security threats.

Smart governance:

One of the most important functions of AI is in the governance of the smart city. AI algorithm databases aid in decision-making that further helps in the formulation of government policies and plans.

Besides the evolution of smart cities, AI has emerged as a transformation in city management. The ability to analyse to get insights generated by IoT devices is helping to reshape the urban landscape. But it is also essential to keep a balance between AI-driven decision-making and the privacy rights of citizens is crucial for the deployment of technologies.

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