People’s Republic of China Cyber Threat – CISA

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Report to CISA

CISA works to ensure U.S. critical infrastructure, government partners, and others have the information and guidance to defend themselves against People’s Republic of China (PRC) state-sponsored cybersecurity activity. 

According to our joint advisory on PRC state-sponsored activity, PRC state-sponsored cyber actors are seeking to pre-position themselves on information technology (IT) networks for disruptive or destructive cyberattacks against U.S. critical infrastructure in the event of a major crisis or conflict with the United States:

  • CISA, the National Security Agency (NSA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have confirmed that the PRC state-sponsored cyber actors known as Volt Typhoon have compromised the IT environments of multiple critical infrastructure organizations.
    • These organizations are primarily in the Communications, Energy, Transportation Systems, and Water and Wastewater Systems Sectors in the continental and non-continental United States and its territories, including Guam. 
  • The choice of targets and pattern of behavior is not consistent with traditional cyber espionage or intelligence gathering operations. 
  • CISA, NSA, and FBI assess with high confidence that Volt Typhoon actors are pre-positioning themselves on IT networks to enable lateral movement to operational technology assets to disrupt functions.

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