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SAN JOSE, Calif., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Nirmata, a leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions, today announced new features for its flagship product, Nirmata Policy Manager. With today’s increasing cloud security threats, detecting intrusions is no longer enough – the damage may already be done. That’s why Nirmata has developed Nirmata Policy Manager to proactively avert threats by eliminating security and compliance misconfigurations across Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD pipelines, and cloud services.

Platform teams, security professionals, and developers can leverage Nirmata Policy Manager’s easy-to-use interface to enforce configuration best practices, leading to improved security postures, simplified management, and lower costs. Nirmata Policy Manager extends the power of open source Kyverno by providing centralized visibility, collaboration workflows, offline scanning, auto-remediation, and comprehensive compliance reporting in one unified platform.

To enhance its value to customers, Nirmata Policy Manager now adds simplified remediation for Kubernetes security policies, and infrastructure as code scanning for Terraform, Docker and other IaC tools in Git repositories. 

Nirmata CEO Jim Bugwadia says, With Nirmata Policy Manager, cloud native platform engineering teams that were struggling to provide self-service automation across several tools and services, can now enhance developer experience without compromising security.”

Real-world customer feedback reflects these benefits. Kuldeep Tomar, CISO at Games24x7 says, “Safeguarding user data is paramount, and we’ve collaborated with reliable partners such as Nirmata Policy Manager to significantly strengthen our security posture across Kubernetes environments. To bolster our user data security systems, we’ve implemented Pod Security Standards and CIS Benchmarks to establish a robust framework that fortifies our infrastructure in accordance with industry compliance. Our relentless focus has set new standards in safeguarding the digital assets of our users, enabling us to provide them with a secure gaming environment.”

About Nirmata:

Nirmata is a rapidly growing technology vendor that provides software-as-as-service for cloud native governance, security and compliance. Nirmata’s solutions are deployed by thousands of users across verticals worldwide, especially in regulated industries such as banking and financial services, utilities, healthcare, and life sciences. Nirmata is the creator and core maintainer of Kyverno, the popular CNCF policy engine. Nirmata’s commercial solutions Nirmata Policy Manager and Nirmata Enterprise build on Kyverno to provide observability, workflows, and integrations for Fortune 2000 customers.

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