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Google has commenced the deployment of its Chrome browser’s updated Safe Browsing feature that allows real-time detection of malicious sites, which is expected to avert 25% more phishing attempts, SecurityWeek reports.

Malicious sites are being identified and verified by Safe Browsing against a server-side list of bad domains, according to Google. “The server-side list can include unsafe sites as soon as they are discovered, so it is able to capture sites that switch quickly. It can also grow as large as needed because the Safe Browsing server is not constrained in the same way that user devices are,” said Google, which has also moved to ensure data privacy by collaborating with Fastly in managing the Oblivious HTTP privacy server leveraged in the operation. Aside from enhanced Safe Browsing functionality, Google Chrome also had its Password Checkup feature on iOS upgraded to provide users alerts not only for compromised passwords but also for weak and recycled credentials.

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