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MASV has successfully completed the TPN Gold Shield assessment. The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is a part of a broader Motion Picture Association (MPA) aiming to elevate secure content protection across the film and television industry. This significant achievement places MASV among an elite group of service providers who meet the highest security standards.

TPN Gold Status reflects MASV’s commitment to providing secure, reliable, and compliant solutions for the transfer of large media files within the entertainment industry. As the need for robust digital security measures grows, MASV’s compliance with TPN’s rigorous standards reassures clients that their content is protected against piracy and data breaches throughout the transfer process.

“The media and entertainment (M&E) industry’s future lies in the cloud, and it’s exciting for MASV to play a leading role in this dramatic shift,” says Greg Wood, CEO of MASV. “MASV has reached a new pinnacle by achieving TPN Gold Status, affirming our dedication to security in the cloud-driven future of the M&E industry. This recognition by TPN highlights our commitment to content protection and our role in facilitating a secure and connected media cloud for professionals across the globe.”

As the industry shifts towards cloud-based solutions, MASV understands the growth of digital security demands, aligning with TPN’s requirements to offer peace of mind to media and entertainment professionals who can trust MASV for the transfer of their large-scale media files.

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