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Earlier this week, Viakoo – the enterprise IoT security provider with trusted solutions deployed for the likes of Chick-fil-A, Anthem,  Juniper Networks and others – released new findings from its “2024 IoT Security Crisis: By the Numbers” survey. Viakoo was wise to check the pulse of IoT security, even this early in the year; after all, Viakoo has already provided upwards of 1.3 billion hours of enterprise IoT security platform management on more than 1 million IoT devices around the world, ensuring high-quality risk management, cybersecurity, OT/physical security, and other protections.

And with its survey now available, the details are certainly worth digging into.

So, I’ve compiled the long-story-short version for you, readers. See below:

The Consensus: According to Viakoo (after yielding survey responses from 150 U.S. IT leaders at companies that use IoT), these leaders urgently need to secure their IoT infrastructure, be it one simple application at a time or via fully automated (and expedited) processes. As technologies evolve, IoT systems are becoming more exposed as campaigns led by bad actors surge.

Viakoo says:

  • 95% of IT leaders have an IoT security plan in place, but only 51% feel confident in their efforts.
  • 55% of IoT cyber incidents could have been prevented with better security measures.
  • 50% of IT leaders say IoT is “the weakest part of their security.”
  • 50% of companies have experienced an IoT cyber incident in the last 12 months, of which 44% were serious, and 22% threatened business operations.

Moreover, to secure organizations’ operations and profits against exploitable vulnerabilities, Viakoo advises assessing what pieces may be missing from enterprises’ current technology stacks.

The survey highlighted that:

  • 90% of IT leaders believe that agentless security solutions “are the foundation for successful IoT security.”
  • 93% of IT leaders use agentless network-based asset discovery to help remediate IoT vulnerabilities, but only 35% feel they are successful with these efforts.
  • 71% of IT leaders “wish they started their IoT security plans differently” so they could remediate vulnerabilities faster.

Viakoo laid out additional information regarding IT professionals’ growing investment needs versus lacks of confidence, their overall spending patterns, and how more awareness into precisely what constitutes reliable IoT security measures is paramount.

“The IoT attack surface was built one application at a time, and is growing one application at a time,” said Bud Broomhead, Viakoo’s CEO. “Viakoo’s ‘2024 IoT Security Crisis: By the Numbers’ findings reinforce the criticality of securing IoT infrastructure, however IT leaders are able to smartly accomplish that.”

The full Viakoo report is available for download here.

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