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The recent glitch the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) encountered was caused by flow error during its mobile banking system modification, the Information Network Security Administration (INSA) disclosed on Friday.

A flow error refers to a problem that occurs when the logical flow of a program is interrupted or behaves unexpectedly. This can happen when the code branches or loops incorrectly, causing the execution to follow an unintended path.

Briefing the media, Information Network Security Administration (INSA) Director-General, Tigist Hamid, said the problem was not caused by an external or internal cyber security attack.

“The specific finding from this source analysis shows that the glitch was not a cyber-threat from outside or inside. That is what I can say from INSA’s perspective. But it is a bug from the logical flow mismatch that arose from the modification of their digital banking system.”

INSA, in collaboration with CBE and the Financial Intelligence Service, has been investigating the cause of the problem, it was learned.

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According to the director-general, there was neither external nor internal attempted cyber attack against the bank.

Tigist finally pointed out that further investigation is required to ensure accountability. 

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