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Google has announced the launch of Security Command Center Enterprise (SCC Enterprise), a new cloud risk management solution offering what it says is an industry-first combination of cloud security and enterprise security operations.

And to wrap it all up, this security solution is backed up with Mandiant threat intelligence and generative AI to provide clarity and insight throughout the entire cloud security lifecycle.

In a company blog post, Google Cloud says cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPPs) don’t have all of the capabilities necessary to provide the best protection against the latest threats, which is why it is looking to introduce such a security command center for enterprise.

SCC Enterprise supercharged by Mandiant Hunt

By combining Mandiant Threat intelligence with modern SecOps capabilities, SCC Enterprise provides a rapid response solution to cloud security issues by utilizing “SIEM-powered visibility and SOAR-driven accountability,” Suni Potti, VP/GM, Google Cloud Security said on the blog.

“Security teams can get a single view of their posture controls, active threats, cloud identities, data, and more, while integrating remediation and issue accountability into the end-to-end workflows of a converged cloud risk management platform.”

Google’s security fabric is the powerhouse behind SCC Enterprise, giving insight into the data visualizations provided by the “planet-scale data lake that ingests and analyzes the volume of cloud data needed to build dynamic security graphs and to understand the complex relationships in multicloud environments.”

For those with less-experience in managing a multi-cloud security environment, Google has included generative AI to simplify the complex security issues and terminology that are encountered when navigating SCC Enterprise.

The Mandiant Hunt threat intelligence expertise can be accessed on demand to enhance the skills and tools available to security teams, giving your team’s access to the latest threats to cloud environments and the best techniques for prevention and remediation.

The Enterprise level solution builds on Google’s pre existing Command Center with additional capabilities for securing Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure environments, including vulnerability and security posture management, cloud infrastructure specific threat detection technology, integrated workflows and much more.

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