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The stakes have never been higher for managing cloud risks. With organizations of every size and in every industry pursuing cloud-first strategies, the cloud is now home to their most critical applications and data. Adversaries have picked up on this ongoing shift, too: APT groups known for regularly targeting corporate and government organizations are increasingly focused on attacking cloud infrastructure.

The current generation of cloud-native application protection platforms (CNAPPs) have helped reduce the number of point products used for multicloud security. However, they often remain stubbornly disconnected from broader security operations capabilities, where best-in-class solutions provide comprehensive visibility into risks and threats, and place just as much attention on efficient remediation of those risks.

To help our customers manage and mitigate risk in their multicloud environments, Google Cloud is announcing Security Command Center Enterprise, the industry’s first cloud risk management solution that fuses proactive cloud security and enterprise security operations — supercharged by Mandiant expertise.

Built on our Google security fabric, Security Command Center Enterprise can help to break down the silos of tools, teams, and data that separate cloud security and enterprise security operations. It prioritizes cloud risk management by integrating the critical response capabilities of modern SecOps with threat intelligence from Mandiant, so organizations can identify high-risk issues and drive accountability for keeping their multicloud environments safe.

CNAPPs are evolving to integrate more tightly with security operations. According to a Gartner® report written by analysts Neil MacDonald, Charlie Winckless, and Dale Koepen, “CNAPPs address the full life cycle protection requirements of cloud-native applications from development to production.”1 Gartner further asserts that “CNAPP vendors with threat research teams will help uncover cloud-specific vulnerabilities and risks and serve as a differentiation. The ownership will evolve between the SOC team and the cloud security team that is gaining influence for hybrid enterprises.”2

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