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Today, we’re proud to announce that Forrester has named CrowdStrike a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Cloud Workload Security, Q1 2024, stating “CrowdStrike shines in agentless CWP [cloud workload protection] and container runtime protection.”

Forrester identified the 13 most significant vendors in cloud workload security and researched, analyzed and scored them based on the strengths of their current offering, strategy and market presence. Highlights include: 

  • CrowdStrike was positioned as a Leader, with the highest placement of all 13 vendors in the Strategy category, as well as the highest score possible in 10 criteria, including  vision, innovation, partner ecosystem, adoption, and pricing flexibility and transparency. 
  • In the Current Offering category, CrowdStrike received the highest score possible in the criteria of agentless cloud workload protection, container runtime protection, IaC scanning, and detection and response — showcasing, in our opinion, our industry-leading protection from cloud breaches.
  • CrowdStrike received the highest score possible in the Number of Customers criterion, highlighting for us how customers around the world are racing to standardize on the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform for cloud security.

Last year, we added one-click XDR, agentless snapshot scanning for OS vulnerabilities and complete cloud attack path visualization, among countless other industry-leading capabilities to our cloud security technology to help customers simplify security operations and harden their cloud environments. 

And with our acquisition of Bionic, the pioneer of application security posture management (ASPM), CrowdStrike is the first cloud security vendor to natively secure customers in the cloud by providing complete visibility across cloud and app-level risks, delivering the industry’s most complete platform for cloud security, from code to cloud.

Forrester Ranks CrowdStrike a Leader and Highest in Strategy

Forrester gave CrowdStrike the highest score in the Strategy category, which we believe demonstrates how CrowdStrike is building on its strengths to deliver both the present and future of cloud security from the AI-native CrowdStrike Falcon XDR platform. 

Forrester recognizes the range of CrowdStrike’s cloud security capabilities in its report:

“CrowdStrike offers strong agent-based CWP for Linux and Windows and robust container runtime protection. IaC scanning is versatile and effective. Cloud detection and response capabilities are also ahead of the competition.”

To protect against the cloud threats of tomorrow, cloud security must evolve faster than the adversary. We pioneered cloud-native cybersecurity and continue to deliver the innovation needed to extend industry-leading protection across every area of the attack surface. 

“From its agent-based behavioral malware detection roots, CrowdStrike has been expanding on its AI/ML rails into CSPM and IaC scanning. CrowdStrike shows a convincing CWS vision, and its innovation potential as indicated by technical employee staffing is ahead of the competition,” according to Forrester’s report.

ASPM is one area we’re particularly excited about. With Bionic, we will extend the Falcon platform’s unique agent-based and agentless protection of cloud infrastructure with unprecedented visibility into application behavior and vulnerability prioritization for both server-based and serverless infrastructure, without disrupting the development process.

CrowdStrike doesn’t stop at industry-leading technology. We’re the only cloud security vendor with a full range of cloud threat detection and response services including incident response, threat hunting, assessment and 24/7 MDR services for your entire cloud estate.

Cloud Security for Every Organization

CrowdStrike scored a perfect 5/5 in the Number of Customers criterion in this Forrester Wave. Organizations are flocking to CrowdStrike Falcon® Cloud Security for several reasons. 

CrowdStrike’s mission is to stop breaches. To support that mission, we’re delivering a unified cybersecurity platform from endpoint to cloud with both agent-based and agentless support for cloud security. With pre-runtime and runtime protection, and agentless technology, we’re meeting customers wherever they are on their cloud security journey.

In addition, we’ve engineered CrowdStrike Falcon Cloud Security to make security operations easier. We help reduce alert fatigue by correlating cloud risks to apps and services, allowing teams to focus on the vulnerabilities with the most business risk. We also integrate the industry’s best threat intelligence into Falcon Cloud Security to continuously reduce the attack surface and speed up mean time-to-response with auto-remediation and other automations.

Finally, CrowdStrike is a platform cybersecurity company. Our platform provides comprehensive visibility across on-prem and cloud assets, including apps, data and user identity. Every module on the AI-native Falcon platform, including Falcon Cloud Security, is deployed using the same lightweight agent, a strategy that helps customers consolidate point products, eliminate security gaps and reduce operational overhead, while easily adding new protections as threats evolve.

Forrester interviewed a number of CrowdStrike customers for its report, which states: “Reference customers said that the CWP agent is easy to install.” 

This Forrester Wave for Cloud Workload Security is a trustworthy report to help tech buyers choose the right cloud security vendors. With this recognition, we’re poised to help more organizations replace immature cloud security point products and continue building one of the largest and fastest growing cloud security businesses in the industry.

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