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A new survey from Viakoo shows that only 50 percent of IT leaders are confident in their Internet of Things security and that 55 percent of IoT cyber incidents could have been prevented with better security measures.

In addition 71 percent say they wish they had started their IoT security efforts differently in order to remediate issues faster.

Only 35 percent of IT leaders believe they are successful in using agentless network-based asset discovery for managing IoT vulnerabilities. This is despite 90 percent believing that agentless security solutions are the foundation for successful IoT security, and 93 percent using agentless network-based asset discovery to help remediate IoT vulnerabilities.

“The IoT attack surface was built one application at a time, and is growing one application at a time,” says Bud Broomhead, CEO of Viakoo. “Viakoo’s 2024 IoT Security Crisis: By the Numbers findings reinforce the criticality of securing IoT infrastructure one application at a time, and in an automated and rapid fashion.”

IT professionals do recognize the threat that the IoT presents to their business. Based on the survey results, the top emerging IoT threats include data breaches (69 percent), ransomware attacks (60 percent), supply chain attacks (45 percent), and Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks (42 percent).

It’s not surprising that IT leaders plan to increase spending on security stacks in the following year, but they lack the knowledge and confidence to make informed decisions on filling security blind spots. 87 percent of companies spent more on IoT security in 2023 compared to 2022, and 89 percent plan to spend more again in 2024. Worryingly only 63 percent of boards say they feel they have enough information on IoT security to make informed decisions.

The full report is available from the Viakoo site.

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