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Sponsored Post Reports suggest that forward-looking organisations are ditching legacy point-based cloud security offerings and replacing them with more efficient integrated platforms which slash management overheads while significantly improving the app security.

Cybersecurity Insiders notes that, in the past, companies have typically deployed a piecemeal range of minimally connected solutions to meet their cloud security needs.

This approach can create security teams with alerts from multiple standalone tools and dashboards. It looks like it might now be consigned to the dustbin of IT history however, as more organisations recognise the benefits of an all-in-one cloud security platform such as Trend Vision One, a new article in the Cybersecurity Insiders Review series explains.

“These types of solutions offer an integrated platform approach to cloud security that allows security teams to save time and gain visibility, leading to operational efficiencies, tool consolidation, and streamlined compliance,” it concludes.

The report highlights how Trend Vision One delivers an integrated platform that meets the needs of both cloud and security teams, with functionality including cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) capabilities, that provide comprehensive, automated and connected protection across cloud environments. goes on to note that the Trend Vision One – Cloud Security solution is engineered for organisations of all cloud maturities, deployment models, and tool/platform choices as “it is built with flexibility in mind, recognising that every digital transformation journey is different, and it delivers connected protection at every stage of an application’s lifecycle”.

The Trend Cloud Security solution is designed to provide robust, connected protection against threats in hybrid cloud environments, including source code repositories, virtual machines, containers, serverless functions, networks, APIs, endpoints, and file storage. The solution also incorporates tools to help organisations secure their digital transformations, including cloud migration projects and cloud-native application development.

To maximise the security of cloud migration journeys Trend Cloud Security automates the discovery and protection of public, private, and virtual cloud environments while protecting the network layer, for example. In terms of securing development of cloud-native applications the solution supports modern development practices and technologies like CI/CD, containers, and serverless, to provide protection throughout application lifecycles.

And it’s worth pointing out that this rich functionality does not come at the expense of deployment complexity. Depending on an organisation’s security requirements, Trend Cloud Security services can be rolled out in as little as a “few minutes”, notes.

Trend Cloud Security is available via both Trend and the AWS Marketplace. Download it now and test drive it for 30 days – completely free of charge.

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