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In the constantly changing world of IT management, seamless integration between tools is the key to doing things better and faster. Enter the powerful integration between Datto Networking and VSA 10 that promises to supercharge network management efficiency for managed service providers (MSPs) and small to midsize businesses (SMBs) alike.

Our blog explores the nuances of discovering, deploying and managing networks using this groundbreaking integration. Step up your productivity, impress your end users and secure a competitive advantage — all while keeping your networks up and running smoothly and performing like a dream. Your smarter networks await!

About the integration

The integration, launched in the third quarter of 2023, promises unparalleled convenience and operational fluency for users. Getting started is a breeze. Head over to the integrations section in VSA 10, where you’ll discover clear, step-by-step instructions. No tech acrobatics required — just straightforward guidance to kick off this transformative journey.

Behind the scenes: How it works

  • API keys: Begin by obtaining the essential public and private API keys from the Datto Portal integrations page. These keys unlock the gateway to the Network Manager.
  • Configuration: The process is intuitive. Configure your VSA 10 site to map seamlessly with your Datto Networking network.
  • Automatic sync: Once the connection is made, magic happens. Supported devices, like access points, switches and routers, automatically sync with your VSA 10 site as long as the mapping remains active.

Why it matters

This integration is all about giving businesses the power to manage their IT ecosystems with unprecedented efficiency. Imagine:

  • Unified control: No more juggling tools. Monitor and manage all Datto networking devices from one centralized console within VSA 10.
  • Comprehensive view: Get a bird’s-eye view of your entire IT infrastructure. Troubleshoot issues swiftly, armed with insights from every corner of your managed environment.

Supported devices

  • All Datto Switches
  • All Datto Access Points
  • All Datto Routers

Integration features

So, you’ve set the stage — the integration between Datto Networking and VSA 10 is up and running. But what happens next?

  • Auto sync: As soon as your setup dance is complete, all your networking devices — think access points, switches and managed power devices — sync automatically. No manual fuss, no tedious toggling. New devices added to Network Manager appear automatically in VSA 10.
  • Device pages: Networking devices get their own exclusive pages within VSA 10. These pages are goldmines of crucial details, such as device type, IP addresses, MAC address, uptime and firmware.
  • Remote control: It’s not just about monitoring. Need to restart a device? Or perhaps reset a port? With the click of a button, you can remotely restart devices or reset specific ports, view connections to switch ports and analyze network traffic for access points, routers and switches. It’s all right there on the device pages.
  • Traffic insights: Dive into network traffic information. Who’s sending what, where and when?
  • Gateway to Network Manager: With just one click, you can jump from VSA 10 straight to the Network Manager. It’s as easy as walking through a door to access more of what you need, when you need it.

That’s the power of integrating Datto Networking with VSA 10. Managing your network just got significantly easier.

Value for partners

Datto Networking’s integration with VSA 10 brings several advantages that enhance the support experience. Let’s explore how this integration benefits support technicians:

Unified management interface

  • Support technicians no longer need to juggle multiple user interfaces. With Datto Networking devices integrated into VSA 10, they can manage them just like any other device.
  • This unified approach simplifies workflows, reduces cognitive load and ensures consistent management practices.

Access to relevant device data

  • Support technicians can access critical Networking device data directly within VSA 10. No need to switch to Network Manager or risk altering network configurations.
  • By eliminating unnecessary steps, support teams can work more efficiently and confidently.

Remote troubleshooting

  • When clients/end users encounter networking issues, time is of the essence. Datto’s integration allows support technicians to reset access points or switch ports remotely.
  • Faster issue resolution means happier clients and reduced downtime.

Minimized on-site visits

  • Sometimes, devices become unresponsive or unreachable. Instead of rushing on-site, support technicians can diagnose and address issues remotely.
  • This saves time and travel costs and ensures timely solutions.

Network visualization

  • RMM devices now display their network connections automatically. Support technicians can quickly identify which Datto access point a device is using.
  • Armed with this information, they can diagnose network quality issues directly from the device page.

In summary, Datto Networking’s integration with VSA 10 streamlines support processes, empowers technicians and enhances overall efficiency. It’s a win-win for both support teams and their clients.

Unlocking efficiency with Datto Networking and VSA 10 integration

In the fast-paced world of IT, time is precious. That’s why the seamless integration between VSA 10 and Datto Networking is a game changer.

With VSA 10, you can oversee Datto Network Devices effortlessly and enjoy a more streamlined management of your networks. No more switching between interfaces. Got a network hiccup? Address it directly within VSA 10. No more back and forth. Say goodbye to wasted hours and say hello to efficient solutions. Moreover, VSA 10 brings all your Datto networking devices under one roof. Simplify, troubleshoot and conquer!

Make your network work smarter, not harder. With VSA 10 and Datto Networking, you’re in control.

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