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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency or CISA warns businesses and infrastructure of cyber security risks.

When was the last time you changed your password or updated your software?

Well, the Department of Homeland Security’s cybersecurity team wants to make sure you are aware and up to date.

CISA wants to give businesses and our critical infrastructure simple tips on staying safe online.

They advise creating strong passwords that don’t include your birthday, pet names, or number sequences.

Update your software from reliable sources or service providers.

Business owners should update their networks and firewalls and keep employee access current.

There are also apps like “Know Be 4″ to catch scams.

“The biggest threat or scams we’re seeing right now are really to our critical infrastructure sectors. As I mentioned earlier, your water, wastewater, energy, hospitals, and schools are threat actors called “Volt Typhoon”. They are a nation-state-sponsored actor through the People’s Republic of China, and they are going after our infrastructure to do a lot of harm,” said Mikki Munson, Cyber Security Advisor.

CISA says you can go to Google or Microsoft to look for phishing alert add-ons, or you can go to CISA.Gov for more information.

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