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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Consultation on proposed new cyber security legislation and on changes to the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018

​The protection of our cyber security and critical infrastructure is vital to Australia’s national security and economic stability.

Increasing connectivity brings great benefits, but also great risk. Today, a cyber incident can spread instantaneously, disrupting interconnected systems and networks across the economy.

Such incidents have affected many Australians. We cannot ignore the lessons learned from them.

The Australian Government committed to being a world-leader in cyber security by 2030, as outlined in the
2023-2030 Australian Cybe​r Security Strategy. Stronger cyber protections will allow our citizens and businesses to prosper and recover quickly after a cyber-attack. The Australian Government is also committed to a new era of public-private partnership. This aims to improve Australia’s cyber security and resilience.

The Australian Government has identified opportunities to strengthen cyber security laws. These laws give the right level of protection to Australian citizens and businesses. Addressing these issues will help to build basic cyber risk mitigations across the economy. They will help citizens and businesses engage confidently in the digital economy.

We understand that introducing new legislation, or changing existing legislation, can have significant impacts on how businesses make decisions. That is why we are consulting on proposed reforms to Australia’s legislative settings.

Subject to this consultation process is:

  1. New legislative initiatives to address gaps in current laws.
  2. Amendments to the
    Security of Critical Infrastructure Act 2018. This aims to improve security and resilience following recent attacks, with cyber response and prevention at the forefront.

T​he Australian Government’s proposed reforms are outlined within the
2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy: Cyber Security Legislative Reforms Consultation Paper​.

Providing a submission

The submission portal has closed as of 5pm AEDT, Friday 1 March 2024.

Please contact
[email protected] for more information.​​

Understanding the Consultation Paper

The Department hosted a number of virtual town hall and deep dive sessions. These sessions provided further information on the Consultation Paper and consultation process. They also provided an overview of the proposed legislative reform on new initiatives to address gaps in existing laws and changes to the SOCI Act. The focused deep dive sessions provided more information and answered questions about each of the four proposed legislative measures listed in Part 1 of the Consultation Paper.

The recordings of the town hall sessions are available on the ​Town hall and awareness sessions page of the
CISC website.

Public Town Halls: Consultation Summary

To share a summary of the feedback the Department has received during the consultation period on the new cyber security legislation, the Department is hosting two public town hall sessions. Questions welcome. Please note each session will cover the same material.

Register for the sessions below:


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