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CrowdStrike and Rubrik have announced a strategic partnership. Customers can now combine CrowdStrike’s XDR platform with Rubrik Security Cloud, allowing security teams to better protect sensitive data.

Both parties state that IT environments today are highly complex, requiring defenses against cyberattacks to be layered. Sensitive data can already be classified as such with Rubrik Security Cloud, but its active defense needs a different tool. XDR (extended detection & response) allows security teams to closely monitor threats and fend off attackers in real time. The integration with Rubrik should make CrowdStrike’s Falcon platform even better suited for that.

CPO at Rubrik Anneka Gupta notes that older protection methods are no longer sufficient against today’s cyber landscape. “Legacy backup tools are not designed for modern cyberattacks, and many organizations are now paying the price. The gap between threat detection, data discovery, and classification creates significant visibility challenges for security teams defending critical data.” The partnership with CrowdStrike should close that gap.

Incidentally, Rubrik has noted that backups remain essential, as they can still be a lifesaver to get an organization back up and running quickly. We spoke at length with Rubrik last April about the role of backups:

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The combination of the two solutions provides organizations with what the two companies label as “context-rich insights”, including analysis of attack behaviour and an overview of the data cybercriminals are targeting. Importantly, the hope is to avoid alert fatigue at the same time: AI-powered insights should reduce noise, allowing organizations to focus on the relevant data.

IT services provider World Wide Technology expects to offer customers greater protection through the collaboration. It says the new integration between Rubrik and CrowdStrike should lead to less downtime for organizations facing cyber threats.

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Both CrowdStrike and Rubrik are no strangers to such integrations with other security solutions. For example, the former announced in September a partnership with Salt Security for stronger API security, while Rubrik is applying AI solutions with Microsoft to make organizations more cyber resilient.

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