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PSI Software SE, a German software developer for complex production and logistics processes, has confirmed that the cyber incident it disclosed last week is a ransomware attack that impacted its internal infrastructure.

The company operates at a global level with a staff of more than 2,000 and specializes in software solutions for major energy suppliers.

It also provides “control system solutions for operational management, network utilization, pipeline management, leak detection and location, portfolio management, energy trading and sales.”

On February 15, PSI Software announced that a cyberattack forced it to disconnect several IT systems, including email, as a measure to mitigate the risk of data loss.


In an update yesterday, the company confirmed that the disruption was caused by ransomware actors targeting its systems. The firm has yet to determine the exact intrusion vector.

“We detected unusual activity in our network during the night of February 15, 2024. As a result, all external connections and systems were successively shut down still in the night” – PSI Software

PSI says the investigation so far has not revealed any evidence that the attacker pivoted to customer systems.

Authorities have been informed of the incident and experts from the Federal Office for Information Security have been helping PSI’s incident response and remediation efforts since February 16.

Update [12:14 EST]: Article updated because it incorrectly attributed the cyberattack on PSI Software SE to Hunters International ransomware gang.

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