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“Firewall for AI will protect against Model Denial of Service and Sensitive Information Disclosure, which leverage tools and features available to all customers as part of the Web Application Firewall,” the Cloudflare spokesperson said. “Firewall for AI will also run a series of detections designed to identify prompt injection attempts and other abuses — e.g., ensuring the topic stays within the boundaries defined by the model owner.”

Firewall for AI’s prompt validation is currently under development and a beta version will be released in the coming months, the spokesperson added.

Defensive AI to detect anomalous behavior

Under a new Defensive AI program, Cloudflare is working on AI-based models to look at specific customer traffic patterns and build a baseline of normal behavior to help detect any anomalies across environments including APIs, emails, and employee access.

“Defensive AI is the framework Cloudflare uses when thinking about how intelligent systems can improve the effectiveness of security solutions,” the Cloudflare spokesperson said. “Cloudflare uses AI to increase the level of protection across all security areas, ranging from application security and email security to Cloudflare’s Zero Trust platform.”

The AI models are tailored for the specific application, so API protection uses different models than email or zero trust, Cloudflare spokesperson said. Although the implementation might differ, the concepts are similar — for example, tailoring the model to the traffic pattern of specific customers or identifying a baseline of normal behavior and using that to identify anomalies.

While Firewall for AI is already available to Cloudflare customers with the launch, the Defensive AI models are currently under development and the company is yet to announce the launch date.

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