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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: NASDAQ:), a cybersecurity platform provider, has announced a partnership with NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:) to bolster the security of artificial intelligence (AI) cloud infrastructures. The new Check Point AI Cloud Protect solution, integrating NVIDIA’s BlueField Data Processing Units (DPUs), aims to defend against threats at both network and host levels, addressing the growing concerns over AI-targeted cyber attacks.

The collaboration responds to the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, particularly those aimed at disrupting AI operations in cloud environments. These threats include backdooring AI models, data exfiltration, and denial of service attacks, which can compromise AI system integrity and business outcomes.

Gera Dorfman, Vice President of Network (LON:) Security at Check Point, emphasized the importance of securing sensitive and private AI workloads, stating that the partnership with NVIDIA will deliver a secure AI cloud solution to guard against cyber threats.

Yael Shenhav, Vice President of Networking Products at NVIDIA, also highlighted the significance of securing AI clouds as AI becomes more pervasive. The NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPU, along with the NVIDIA DOCA software framework, is engineered to facilitate robust cyber defense measures for AI cloud data centers without compromising AI performance.

Check Point’s AI Cloud Protect is designed for easy deployment and adaptability, providing out-of-the-box security that does not impact AI performance. The solution offers a comprehensive defense against AI-specific threats, scalable integration, and optimized performance with zero compromise.

The integration with NVIDIA’s technology aims to provide a seamless addition to NVIDIA’s AI ecosystems, promising a robust defense against sophisticated cyber threats while ensuring security measures can scale with organizational growth.

This initiative by Check Point and NVIDIA represents a strategic move to address the dynamic security requirements of the AI era, ensuring the protection and integrity of AI cloud data centers.

The information for this article is based on a press release statement from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

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