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BT and IT services company, Zscaler, have entered into a new commercial partnership, positioning BT as the first global service provider to integrate Zscaler’s artificial intelligence (AI) driven Zero Trust Exchange™ cloud security platform into its managed security offerings. 

This collaboration aims to provide private and public sector clients with an expanded suite of security services, designed to streamline IT infrastructure complexities and reduce cyber-attack vulnerabilities, thereby supporting businesses in becoming more agile and secure.

“With digital innovations constantly evolving business operations, the threat landscape broadens concurrently. Extending our partnership with Zscaler enhances our managed services, enabling us to introduce new zero-trust cybersecurity solutions for our customers, supporting them through their digital transformation journeys,” said Tris Morgan, Managing Director of Security at BT.

In addition to serving BT’s clientele, Zscaler will provide its security solutions for BT Group’s internal use, improving BT’s expertise in deploying Zscaler’s offerings. This mutual engagement is aimed at ensuring BT’s teams are well-versed in the functionalities and benefits of Zscaler solutions as they assist customers in adopting these security measures.

“We are pleased to reinforce our relationship with BT in the realm of security services. This partnership is a testament to BT’s confidence in the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange cloud security platform,” said Mike Rich, Chief Revenue Officer and President of Global Sales at Zscaler.

The partnership introduces Zscaler-powered managed services by BT, tailored to support the reorganisation of connectivity, networking, and security frameworks for digitally evolving enterprises. 

The partnership also plans to offer improved business agility and reduced infrastructural complexity, safeguarding customers against cyber threats and data breaches by securely connecting users, devices, and applications, regardless of location.

Among the services offered is Zscaler for Users, which includes a secure web gateway (SWG) delivering AI-powered cyber threat protection and zero trust internet and SaaS application access. It also provides a cloud-native service for secure, fast access to private applications and operational technology devices, facilitating zero-trust connectivity for workloads and serving as an alternative to traditional remote access tools.

The Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform, known for processing over 400 billion daily transactions and extracting upwards of 500 trillion signals, offers visibility, access control, and data security for enterprise data at scale. By utilising AI-powered insights, the platform aims to enhance the digital experience, reduce risk, and support better business decision-making.

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