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As a center for regional development and commerce, the Port of Brownsville has demonstrated its commitment to growth in the last decade. The port handles diverse cargo via a seamless logistical network safely and efficiently. Image courtesy of Port of Brownsville
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By Roberto Hugo González

According to their website, in a strategic move to bolster security, the Brownsville Navigation District Board of Commissioners, during their meeting on February 21, green lighted a significant partnership with Sam Houston State University’s College of Criminal Justice Institute for Homeland Security. This five-year memorandum of understanding is set to empower the parties involved with advanced education and training services, honing their focus on Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP).

CIP is crucial for the safety and functioning of a nation, encompassing the protection of essential elements such as the workforce, physical assets, and cyber systems. These components are indispensable for maintaining national security, economic vigor, and public welfare.

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The Port of Brownsville, recognized as the Rio Grande Valley’s premier maritime port, stands as a key player in this initiative. Its role in facilitating international commerce marks it as an essential infrastructure asset, contributing over $2 billion to the local economy, $3 billion to the state of Texas, and supporting over 51,000 jobs across the state.

The newly established training program is designed to equip participants with executive-level training. This initiative aims to fortify critical infrastructure by imparting the necessary skills and knowledge for enhancing security risk management and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

William Dietrich, Interim Port Director and CEO, Courtesy Image

Interim Port Director and CEO, William Dietrich, emphasized the port’s commitment to safety and security. Highlighting the importance of this partnership, Dietrich noted, “With over 270 companies at the port depending on the integrity of our operations, it’s imperative that we uphold the highest security standards. Our collaboration with Sam Houston State University College of Criminal Justice Institute for Homeland Security show our dedication to providing uninterrupted, secure services in a dynamic business environment.” 

This partnership highlights a mutual commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructure, setting a precedent for similar initiatives in the future.

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