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TrustDecision is forging a pivotal partnership with Rapid, Pakistan’s leading in-country cloud service provider, to deliver its cutting-edge fraud, credit risk, and compliance solutions.

This collaboration will empower commercial banks, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs), Digital Retail Banks (DRBs), and e-commerce platforms to harness TrustDecision’s comprehensive services within Pakistan, fostering enhanced security and operational efficiency.

Leveraging AI and big data, TrustDecision specializes in identity verification and device fingerprinting, essential tools for fraud prevention and credit risk management. These solutions are meticulously crafted to fortify businesses, ensuring robust security, fostering trust among customers, and adhering to regulatory mandates.

By aligning with Rapid, TrustDecision ensures that its sophisticated services are supported by a resilient, secure, and scalable cloud infrastructure, tailored to Pakistan’s unique market needs. Rapid’s proficiency in cloud services complements TrustDecision’s innovative offerings, collectively accelerating Pakistan’s digital transformation.

Shahzaib Khan, General Manager of RapidCompute, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the unique combination of RapidCompute’s cloud prowess and TrustDecision’s forward-thinking solutions.

He elaborated: “This alliance is more than a partnership; it’s a fusion of expertise and innovation, set to redefine the security standards in Pakistan’s financial and e-commerce landscapes. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a digitally empowered Pakistan.”

In essence, this alliance between TrustDecision and Rapid signifies a significant stride towards enhancing the security and efficiency of Pakistan’s financial and e-commerce sectors. It underpins the broader national agenda of digital empowerment and financial inclusion, ensuring data sovereignty and optimized service delivery through local cloud hosting.

Through this collaboration, TrustDecision and Rapid are setting a new standard for risk management and fraud prevention in the region, fostering a secure and dynamic digital ecosystem for all stakeholders.

Fahad Shahab, the Country Head at TrustDecision, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating: “We are thrilled to collaborate with RapidCompute as our Business Partner in Pakistan. This alliance allows us to tap into the fintech and digital lending landscape in the country more effectively.”

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