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Google Cloud unveiled the latest addition to its suite today, launching the Security Command Center Enterprise (SCC Enterprise), the first cloud risk management solution in the sector. This new system integrates the spheres of cloud security and enterprise security operations, a feat achieved by incorporating the expertise of Mandiant.

SCC Enterprise has been designed to provide a solution to a recurrent issue in current Cloud Native Application and Protection Platform (CNAPP) solutions – their isolation from the wider capabilities of an organisation’s security operations. The new offering from Google Cloud aims to dismantle these existing silos of data, teams, and tools in order to enable organisations to swiftly identify and rectify cloud security concerns.

In prioritising cloud risk management, SCC Enterprise blends modern SecOps crucial response capabilities with Mandiant’s threat intelligence data. The goal is to enable organisations to pinpoint issues and subsequently drive accountability in securing their multi-cloud environments. Google Cloud’s latest product offering uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to simplify various stages of cloud security lifecycles, ranging from the initial identification to understanding intricate security issues and following through with guided remediation.

Unique to Google Cloud’s SCC Enterprise is its continuous risk engine which simulates an advanced and motivated attacker’s tactics. The objective of this feature is to identify the highest risk issues. The system then generates easy-to-understand visual representations of high-risk attack paths. Additionally, the product generates risk scores to assist security practitioners in prioritising the most pressing issues.

The Enterprise version of the Security Command Centre also incorporates Mandiant Hunt. This expert security service has been designed to proactively seek out threats that may successfully evade conventional detection methods. By implementing this service, Google Cloud aims to improve defence capabilities against constant threats.

In conclusion, Google Cloud’s Security Command Center Enterprise serves as an innovative solution in cloud risk management by bridging the gap between cloud security and enterprise security operations. Through the integration of elements such as advanced AI, a continuous risk engine, and the incorporation of Mandiant Hunt, Google Cloud aims to enhance the protection of multi-cloud environments for organisations worldwide.

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