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Abira Security is a market leading provider of comprehensive cyber security solutions. Abira was founded to address current cloud security market challenges and secure organizations of all sizes across industries and locations. Abira combines its portfolio of end-to-end cloud cybersecurity solutions, security analytics, human capabilities and real-world proven expertise in cyber security strategy to help clients achieve their business outcomes and gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Our Cloud Security Professional Team will help you deploy, optimize and manage Wiz Cloud Security Platform. You’ll get complete visibility into your cloud estate and its most critical security risks, including vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, exposed data, secrets, weak passwords, and lateral movement risk.

Wiz Cloud Security is a cloud security platform designed to address a variety of security issues in cloud environments. Some of the key security issues that Wiz Cloud Security can help with include:

Misconfigurations: Wiz can identify and remediate misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure, ensuring that security settings align with best practices.

Data Exposure: The platform can detect and prevent the exposure of sensitive data, helping to maintain data privacy and compliance with regulations.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Issues: Wiz assists in identifying and resolving issues related to IAM, ensuring that only authorized users have the necessary access privileges.

Network Security: Wiz helps secure cloud networks by identifying vulnerabilities, ensuring proper segmentation, and monitoring network traffic for suspicious activities.

Compliance Violations: The platform can help organizations maintain compliance with various regulatory standards by identifying and addressing security configurations that may lead to violations.

Threat Detection and Response: Wiz provides real-time monitoring and analysis of activities in the cloud environment, helping to detect and respond to security threats promptly.

Vulnerability Management: Wiz identifies vulnerabilities in cloud assets and provides guidance on how to remediate them, reducing the risk of exploitation.

Container Security: For organizations using containerized environments, Wiz offers security solutions that address vulnerabilities and ensure the secure deployment of containerized applications.

Encryption Management: Wiz helps organizations manage and enforce encryption policies for data at rest and in transit, enhancing overall data protection.

Incident Investigation and Forensics: In the event of a security incident, Wiz Cloud Security provides tools for investigating and conducting forensics to understand the nature and impact of the incident.

Continuous Monitoring: Wiz offers continuous monitoring capabilities, allowing organizations to stay vigilant against evolving threats and security challenges.

Automated Remediation: Wiz Cloud Security supports automated remediation of security issues, streamlining the process of fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of Wiz Cloud Security depends on how well it is implemented and configured within an organization’s specific cloud environment.

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