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AUCloud has announced a partnership with Command Hub.

The platform is designed to assist Australian businesses and government agencies in navigating and managing their response during technical outages and cyber-attacks.

The new CrisisHub platform provides a secure environment for all stakeholders of an organisation involved in responding to a crisis, offering a one stop shop to effectively communicate and collaborate in a highly secure, air-gapped environment.

Peter Maloney, CEO of AUCloud said that CrisisHub offers a secure and reliable platform for teams responding to incidents, enabling quick access to essential crisis management documents, plans, and communication systems to efficiently manage the most challenging incidents.

“Amidst the chaos of a disaster or a sophisticated cyber-attack, CrisisHub stands ready 24/7, ensuring that key documents, including crisis, and businesses continuity plans are not just available but are also organised logically for swift access and action,” Mr Maloney said.

“Often during a data breach or major system failure, businesses lose the ability to access everything from their systems, documents, emails to phone contacts. If your business or organisation suffers from a ‘crypto lock’ cyber-attack, often you won’t be able to access key files and planning documents required to effectively respond to an attack.”

How does CrisisHub work?

CrisisHub provides an ‘air-gapped’ solution to access and collaborate over documents and an encrypted communication platform, offering the ability for first responders to instantly message and collaborate.

The platform’s secure messaging system facilitates group or individual conversations, with all communications and activity logged for future reference. Organisations have the capability to quickly invite external parties to the platform as needed during a time of crisis.

“Often a team of experts including insurers, public relations professionals, lawyers and forensic teams will be required to help respond and navigate during a crisis. It is important that first responders have a safe place to immediately communicate, collaborate and access critical materials to official respond in a timely fashion,” Mr Maloney said.

Documents on CrisisHub are not just securely hosted on AUCloud’s secure sovereign cloud; they can be actively searched, annotated, and managed, making the management of critical information during a crisis as seamless and efficient as possible.

“In the face of a crisis, the last thing an organisation needs is to struggle with accessing critical documents or coordinating their response team,” Mr Maloney added.

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