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Global technology solutions provider Arrow Electronics has released ArrowSphere Assistant, an artificial intelligence (AI) companion designed to boost the efficiency and performance of the company’s channel partners.

The AI-powered tool utilises Microsoft Azure AI and is designed to streamline workflows, helping its users quickly identify and focus on key areas, thereby enhancing their cloud service delivery.

The deployment of ArrowSphere Assistant represents a significant step forward in the management of cloud businesses for Arrow’s channel partners. The tool harnesses the potential of generative AI technology in conjunction with the extensive business data within ArrowSphere Cloud, offering comprehensive answers to channel partner inquiries.

“We’re providing a tool that can reshape how our channel partners comprehend and manage their cloud business and those of their customers,” stated Eric Gourmelen, the vice president and Arrow’s Chief Technology Officer of ArrowSphere.

“ArrowSphere Assistant capitalises on the power of generative AI technology combined with the robust business data in ArrowSphere Cloud, to provide unprecedented quality of answers to channel partner inquiries,” he said.

The integration of visual aids with deep data insights provided by the ArrowSphere Assistant makes cloud management faster, better informed, and more efficient. It assists in various operational areas, such as business operations, security operations, and financial operations.

In terms of business operations, ArrowSphere Assistant enables users to discover new business opportunities, guiding them towards areas of enhanced focus and efficiency. It consolidates consumption details and clarifies billing statements in relation to financial operations. The AI tool can generate clear revenue forecasts and propose attractive pricing recommendations, when required.

ArrowSphere Assistant can also deliver actionable security intelligence in minutes when paired with ArrowSphere Cloud’s security dashboard. This feature is particularly beneficial in understanding and improving security postures.

While developing ArrowSphere Assistant, Arrow partnered closely with Microsoft to ensure the tool’s underlying technology could effectively address the biggest challenges facing channel partners. Microsoft’s Chief Partner Officer and Corporate Vice President, Nicole Dezen, commented, “The AI-powered assistant in ArrowSphere Cloud is a game-changer for those managing cloud services. It drives great efficiencies and profitability in minutes instead of weeks or months.”

Paul Edwards, the director of software channels and ecosystems at IDC, the global market intelligence firm, said, “It is great to see a tool like this offered on a distribution platform.

“The functionality is impressive,” he said. “With ArrowSphere Assistant, channel partners should be able to recognise operational performance gains, and potentially drive more business opportunities.”

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