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Palo Alto Networks Enables Hybrid Work, Fuels Unmanaged Device Security With Deal

Anand Oswal, senior vice president and general manager, Palo Alto Networks (Image: Palo Alto Networks)

The vast majority of successful ransomware attacks originate from unmanaged devices, and Palo Alto Networks once again turned to M&A to address this emerging security challenge.

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The enterprise browser is set to be the core platform for workforce productivity and security by 2030, and Palo Alto Networks got into the game through its $458.6 million acquisition of Talon in December. The deal will facilitate seamless, secure access to corporate resources from both managed and unmanaged devices, enhancing the user experience while ensuring robust security, said Senior Vice President and General Manager Anand Oswal (see: Palo Alto Networks to Buy Enterprise Browser Startup Talon).

“Eighty percent to 90% of all successful ransomware attacks originate from unmanaged devices,” Oswal said. “Fifty percent of the workforce today considers themselves as contractors. They’re accessing critical resources of the corporation’s data. How do we make sure that those transactions are secure?”

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group, Oswal also discusses:

  • The rationale behind acquiring Talon and its synergy with Palo Alto’s vision;
  • The crucial role of the enterprise browser in the cybersecurity ecosystem;
  • Integration milestones and the journey since the acquisition of Talon.

Oswal has led Palo Alto Networks’ network security efforts since February 2020. Prior to that, he was responsible for building Cisco’s enterprise networking portfolio from switching, wireless and routing to IoT and cloud services. Oswal joined Cisco in 2009 through its acquisition of Starent Networks, a leader in mobile packet core gateways. He also led teams at Redback Networks, Cisco’s Mobile Wireless Group and Sun Microsystems.

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