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CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Jesintha Louis, CEO, G7 CR Technologies – A Noventiq Company


How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshaping the landscape of cloud computing?

AI is definitely revolutionizing the cloud computing landscape. AI automates tasks, freeing up IT staff and boosting efficiency. It also analyzes data to optimize resource allocation, saving costs and improving scalability. AI’s power to analyze massive datasets stored in the cloud unlocks valuable business insights. Cloud providers are even offering AI-as-a-service, making this sophisticated technology accessible to a wider range of businesses. At G7 CR Technologies – a Noventiq company, we’re at the forefront, offering “AI-infused cloud solutions” that optimize existing services and pioneer new dimensions of digital interaction. I believe our “AI Apps Program” is a testament to this commitment, aiming to infuse AI into applications and drive relentless innovation in the cloud and AI landscape. This program is designed for businesses of all scales across industries. I would like to invite businesses to visit our website for more details, enroll themselves for this amazing program and make the most out of it. By integrating AI, businesses gain access to enhanced predictive analytics, automated decision-making, and intelligent resource allocation, leading to increased efficiency, scalability, and agility in their operations.

Can you elaborate on the role of machine learning algorithms in optimizing cloud infrastructure?

Machine learning algorithms play a crucial role in optimizing cloud infrastructure by analyzing data patterns and user behaviour to drive informed decision-making. By continuously monitoring and analyzing performance metrics, the machine learning algorithms enable “proactive optimization”, ensuring optimal resource utilization and minimizing downtime. This prevents both wasted resources and performance slowdowns. AI can analyze network traffic to detect security threats and trigger automated responses, enhancing cloud security. Machine learning helps optimize costs by recommending the most cost-effective cloud pricing models and resource types. This is possible because the machine learning algorithms analyze different cloud pricing models like reserved instances, spot instances and resource types. It even improves resource placement for optimal performance by considering factors like data location and processing power. Ultimately, machine learning-driven optimizations enhance the efficiency, reliability, and scalability of cloud infrastructure, empowering businesses to achieve their goals more effectively.

What security measures are being implemented to safeguard AI-driven applications hosted on cloud platforms?

Security measures are of prime importance in safeguarding AI-driven applications hosted on cloud platforms. I believe as cloud providers it is crucial to offer robust security infrastructure for the customers. Continuous monitoring with AI-powered anomaly detection helps identify security threats.  Regulatory compliance and security awareness training for developers further strengthen the security posture. This multi-layered approach ensures responsible and secure deployment of AI applications in the cloud. At G7 CR Technologies, we implement “robust security measures” to protect data integrity and privacy, including encryption, authentication, and access control. Additionally, our AI-powered threat detection and response systems continuously monitor for anomalies and potential security breaches, enabling proactive mitigation of risks. By integrating responsible AI principles and implementing rigorous security protocols, we ensure the security and reliability of AI-driven applications hosted on our cloud platform, providing businesses with peace of mind and confidence in their digital operations.

How do AI and cloud technologies complement each other in enabling businesses to achieve digital transformation?

AI and cloud technologies complement each other very well and enable businesses to achieve digital transformation. The cloud offers the vast storage and processing power needed for AI to churn through massive datasets and generate valuable insights. Businesses can leverage this to automate tasks, predict trends, and make data-driven decisions. Cloud platforms also provide on-demand access to powerful computing resources, making AI development more accessible and scalable. AI in the cloud allows businesses to harness the power of data-driven insights and intelligent automation. Our services are designed to capitalize on this powerful duo, offering businesses to infuse AI to drive innovation and efficiency. At G7 CR, we also help businesses leverage advanced analytics, automation, and predictive insights to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth through programs like AI Apps, and platforms like G7 CR AI Playground. Together, AI and cloud technologies empower businesses to adapt to changing market dynamics, accelerate innovation, and achieve competitive advantage in the digital age.


Could you provide examples of industries where the synergy between AI and cloud computing is driving innovation?

Industries across the board are experiencing the transformative impact of AI and cloud computing. In healthcare, AI-powered medical imaging analysis and predictive analytics on cloud platforms enable faster diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes. In finance, AI-driven algorithms on cloud platforms enhance fraud detection, risk management, and customer service, enabling more informed decision-making and better financial outcomes. Similarly, in manufacturing, AI-powered predictive maintenance and quality control on cloud platforms optimize production processes, reduce downtime, and improve product quality. AI and cloud computing has also made its mark in the agriculture sector. Cloud-based AI helps farmers optimize crop yields and resource usage. John Deere, a leading agricultural equipment manufacturer, leverages AI on Microsoft Azure to analyze farm data. As a proud partner of Microsoft, G7 CR has been helping numerous businesses across industries such as healthcare, airlines, retail, BFSI, and manufacturing to seamlessly integrate this synergy into their business and achieve growth. We are also investing $1 million worth of engineering efforts to build use cases that will help businesses with samples to comprehend how AI can be used in their everyday business. The company intends to have 100 such use cases built & available on G7 CR AI Playground.

How do emerging technologies like edge computing intersect with AI and cloud strategies?

The emergence of edge computing adds another dimension to the synergy between AI and cloud computing.  Real-time data processing, analysis, and decision-making at the network edge are some of the perks of leveraging emerging technologies like edge computing. Traditionally, cloud-based AI faced latency issues due to data travelling long distances for processing. Edge computing brings AI models closer to the data source, on devices or local servers, enabling real-time applications. By deploying AI algorithms on edge devices and gateways, businesses can reduce latency, improve bandwidth efficiency, and enhance user experiences for applications such as autonomous vehicles, IoT devices, and smart cities. “Edge AI” can even pre-process data, extracting relevant features before sending it for further analysis, streamlining the overall AI workflow. This convergence of AI, cloud, and edge computing brings new opportunities for innovation and efficiency, enabling businesses to stay ahead in the market and outperform their competitors.

In terms of cost-efficiency, how do AI-driven optimizations impact cloud expenditure for businesses?

AI-driven optimizations have a significant impact on cloud expenditure for businesses, driving cost savings and efficiency gains across various dimensions. AI algorithms analyze usage patterns to predict resource needs, enabling businesses to automatically scale resources up or down as needed. This eliminates over-provisioning and under-provisioning, ensuring optimal resource utilization and avoiding wasted costs.  AI automates tasks like resource management and infrastructure optimization, reducing the need for dedicated personnel. AI helps identify and eliminate underutilized resources and predict hardware failures, preventing downtime and associated expenses. Data management is also optimized by archiving less-accessed data in cheaper tiers and utilizing compression techniques, further reducing storage costs. To help businesses propel, at G7 CR, we reduce their “Cloud spend by minimum 25%”. Also, as mentioned earlier, we are launching the “AI Apps Program”, a cost-effective way to leverage AI and achieve extravagant results.

What advancements in AI infrastructure are influencing the evolution of cloud computing models?

Advancements in AI infrastructure are revolutionizing cloud computing models, enabling more efficient and scalable AI workflows. AI predicts future needs and automatically scales resources up or down, eliminating wasted spending and performance bottlenecks. Additionally, AI automates tedious cloud management tasks, freeing up staff for strategic work and minimizing human error. Beyond efficiency, AI fosters a performance boost. AI analyzes workload requirements and intelligently allocates resources, ensuring optimal performance by matching workloads with the right servers. Proactive maintenance is another perk – AI can analyze system metrics and predict hardware failures, preventing downtime and ensuring smooth operation. AI-powered analytics tools unlock deeper insights from data, empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations. As a leading cloud and AI provider, we offer a “comprehensive suite of programs and solutions” to help businesses leverage the transformative power of AI to gain a competitive edge and achieve success.

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