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Want to see a smart home in action? Tour our virtual smart home and see how its products all work together seamlessly to create a house that adjusts to your needs automatically. All of the below devices can be commanded using your voice alone through a voice assistant, either Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri or Microsoft Cortana. Here are some of our favorite smart home devices:

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs can be set onto schedules or even synced with the GPS on your phone or the sunrise and sunset.

Smart Light Bulbs

With dimmable, LED bulbs that you can adjust to over 16 million different colors, smart bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs and are a lot more fun as well. After customizing your lighting, you can create scenes, groups of bulbs that you’ve adjusted to your liking, so that you can easily access them later.

  • Popular smart bulb brands: LIFX, Philips Hue, Bulbrite, Sylvania, Wyze, Cree, eufy, TP-Link
  • Average cost: $32
  • Product spotlight: Philips Hue White and Color Bulb
Philips Hue Bulb
Philips Hue Bulb

Philips Hue is probably the most recognizable lighting brand, and they have a ton of different smart lighting to offer. This white and color bulb has 16 million different color options and is also dimmable, so you can create the exact lighting you want in your home. You’ll also be able to set your lighting onto schedules, group multiple customized bulbs into scenes for easy access, and even sync your lighting with the sunrise and sunset, if you want! Or, hook it up with the GPS on your phone so your lights turn off automatically when you leave the house and vice versa.

Plus, Philips Hue works with products from Nest, Vivint, and SimpliSafe, allowing for convenient home automations. As far as voice assistants go, we controlled our Philips Hue lighting with Google Assistant, Alexa and even Siri. Note that you’ll need the Hue Hub to use the White and Color Bulb, which works using Zigbee protocol. Unlike incandescent bulbs, the Philips Hue White and Color is LED, meaning it uses much less energy. Hue has a ton of smart bulbs to choose from, like the Decorative Candle, Bloom Lamp, Bar Light and more.

Smart Plugs

If you’re just starting out with your smart home, smart plugs will be a godsend.

They can turn any appliance that uses 1,800 watts or less into a WiFi-connected device, ideal for small appliances like flat irons or space heaters. That means that you’ll be able to turn these appliances off and on using your voice as well as create schedules and scenes.

  • Popular smart plug brands: iHome, TP-Link, Aukey, Amazon, Wemo, iDevices, eufy
  • Average cost: $29

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems ensure that you’ll always stay on top of your home’s security. With WiFi-connected sensors, you’ll be alerted if any of your alarms go off when your security system is armed via a mobile notification.

Smart Security Systems

Smart Security Systems

From there, you’ll be able to check in and livestream footage, if your system includes a camera.

ADT Video Package Frontpoint Customized System Vivint Basic Security System
Hub/ Base Station No Yes No
Panel No No Yes
Keypad Yes Yes No
Motion Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Entry Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Recessed Entry Sensor No No No
Garage Door Sensor No No No
Glass Break Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Keyring Remote Yes Yes No
Smart Lock Yes No No
Alarm Yes No No
Indoor Camera Yes Yes Yes
Video Doorbell Yes Yes Yes
Radio No Yes No
Smoke and C.O Monitor No No Yes
Price $773 $630 $844
Ring Alarm Base Station with LED Light
Ring Alarm Security System

Ring Alarm is an incredibly affordable, DIY smart home security system. The Security Kit our experts tested included a base station, keypad, contact sensor, motion detector, and range extender, which we paired with the Ring Stickup Cam Wired and the Ring Video Doorbell 2. A huge advantage of Ring is that users can pay nothing monthly and would still be able to livestream footage, receive notifications and control their devices remotely, which isn’t always the case for smart home brands. Ring offers optional 24/7 professional monitoring and cellular backup for only $20 a month or $200 a year, one of the lowest prices around. Their products work with both Alexa and Google Assistant plus IoT devices from Dome, Ecolink, First Alert, GE and Leviton, allowing you to customize your smart home to your liking.

Everything will be easily accessible via the Ring— Always Home app, highly-rated by both iPhone and Android users alike. Installation is easy DIY, making Ring super affordable from setup to everyday usage. They also make a number of indoor and outdoor cameras and video doorbells which will easily integrate with Ring’s sensors, making Ring a one-stop shop for smart home security.

Smart Security Cameras

How useful are security cameras if you can’t actually see their footage? With smart security cameras, you’ll be able to check in and livestream footage anytime, anywhere from your mobile application. You can also show your footage on a smart display, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Apple TV, depending on its make, and review cloud storage as well. Some smart security cameras even have person detection so you’ll only be notified when it detects a person, but more advanced cameras have facial recognition, allowing you to name faces it’s seen multiple times for even more specific notifications.

Wireless Plug-In Price
abode Cam No Yes $112.00
abode iota No Yes $299.00
ADT Indoor No Yes N/A
Amazon Cloud Cam No Yes $119.99
Arlo Pro 2 Yes Yes $219.99
Arlo Ultra Yes No $200.00
Arlo Q Yes No $399.99
Blink Indoor Yes No $99.00
Blink XT Yes No $119.99
Brinks Home Indoor No Yes N/A
Canary All-In-One Yes No $109.00
Canary Flex Yes No $169.00
Canary View No Yes $49.00
Fortress Indoor No Yes $79.99
Frontpoint Indoor Camera Yes Yes $99.99
Honeywell Lyric C2 No Yes $90.00
iCamera Keep Pro No Yes $100.00
iSmartSafe Indoor Yes No $69.99
Lifeshiled Indoor No Yes N/A
Link Interactive V522IR Yes No $104.99
Logitech Circle 2 Yes Yes $179.99
Lorex Super HD 4MP Camera No Yes $139.99
Nest Cam Indoor No Yes $99.00
Nest Cam Battery Yes No $179.99
Nest Cam with Floodlight No Yes $279.99
Netatmo Welcome Indoor Yes No $200.00
Night Owl HD Wired Bullet Camera No Yes $349.99 for 4
Ring Stick Up Cam Wired No Yes $180.00
Scout Indoor No Yes $99.00
Swann Thermal Sensing Camera No Yes $199.99 for two
Tend Lynx Secure Indoor No Yes $60.00
Tend Secure Lynx Pro No Yes $150.00
Vivint Indoor No Yes N/A
Wyze Cam No Yes $29.99
Wyze Cam Pan No Yes $33.99
YI Home Security Camera No Yes $31.00
  • Popular smart security camera brands: Ring, Nest, Wyze, Blink
  • Average cost: $155
  • Product spotlight: Wyze Cam
Wyze Indoor Camera
Wyze Security Camera

At only $29.99, the Wyze Cam is an incredible little device that doesn’t sacrifice quality for its shockingly low price. It has the industry standard of 1080p HD, making for a super clear shot, plus we were able to zoom in eight times to capture those tiny details. The camera also has excellent infrared night vision, two-way audio which let us speak to whoever we were livestreaming, plus integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. Storage is done through a micro-SD card, sold separately, plus Wyze gave us 14 days of cloud storage on the house! Cloud storage is usually an additional monthly cost, but not with Wyze. The camera even recognized our existing smoke and CO alarms so we got mobile notifications when they went off. Overall, this plug-in indoor camera is high-quality, low price, and an excellent addition to our smart home. The company also makes security sensors, smart plugs, smart bulbs, and more, making it a robust smart home hub.

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Smart Thermostats

Aside from being able to control your home’s temperature remotely and set it onto schedules, many smart thermostats also have sensing for movement and occupancy, meaning they’ll adjust based on your location and even if you’re awake or asleep.

You can also set up geofencing with some smart thermostats, meaning they’ll adjust based on your location by using the GPS in your mobile device. Many smart thermostats can save you money on heating and cooling costs compared to regular thermostats.

  • Popular smart thermostat brands: Nest, Honeywell, Kono
  • Average cost: $160

Smart Smoke and CO Sensors

If your smoke alarm goes off and no one is home to hear it, is it really that useful? With smart smoke and CO detectors, you’ll always get notified if there were any huge increases in temperature, or if dangerous levels of smoke and/or CO are detected. If you already have existing smoke and CO detectors that aren’t connected to the Internet, there are also smoke and CO listeners that’ll alert you if any of your alarms go off, a cost-effective solution to get smart environmental monitoring.

  • Popular smoke and CO detector brands: Nest, First Alert, Kidde, Samsung SmartThings
  • Average cost: $44
Alder's CO Detector
Alder’s CO Detector

Smart Flood Sensors

Floods can cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to your home, which is why it’s best to catch them early with a flood or water leak sensor. Placed near anywhere that water could leak, like near a dishwasher or washing machine, you’ll get a notification if the sensor detects water so you can fix the problem early.

  • Popular flood sensor brands: Ring, Honeywell, Samsung SmartThings, Kangaroo, First Alert
  • Average cost: $20

Smart Freeze Sensors

If your pipes freeze it could cause them to burst, resulting in, you guessed it, a flood. Fortunately for you, there are WiFi-connected freeze sensors that will alert you if temperatures reach a certain level.

  • Popular freeze sensor brands: SimpliSafe, Ring
  • Average cost: $40

Smart Speakers

If you’ve ever wanted to hit pause without getting out your phone, smart speakers are for you. You’ll be able to play music, audiobooks, and podcasts using your voice alone. Plus, smart speakers let you control other connected devices hands-free. Some even double as a timer or clock.

  • Popular smart speaker brands: Amazon, Google Nest
  • Average cost: $109

Smart Locks

Smart locks are super useful. Aside from being able to control them remotely, users will also be able to create passcodes for specific periods of time to let people in when they’re not home. This is particularly handy if you have a dog walker, house sitter or babysitter that needs to be let in in a way much safer than hiding a key under the mat. You’ll be able to see your lock’s activity and some locks can even be opened with voice commands!

  • Popular smart lock brands: Kwikset, Yale, Schlage, August
  • Average cost: $150
Ring Doorbell Installed
Ring Doorbell Installed

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are essentially cameras designed specifically for your doors, allowing you to see your guests and speak to them through two-way audio. The best video doorbells have person detection, leading to super helpful notifications and preventing false notifications from cars, animals, and other moving objects. Some video doorbells require an existing doorbell and chime setup, while others are totally wireless with no installation requirements.

Nest Doorbell Ring Video Doorbell 2 Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Video quality 960x1280p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Field of View 145 160 160
Field of Zoom 6x n/a digital zoom
Two-Way Audio Yes Yes Yes
Infrared Night Vision Yes Yes Yes
Local Storage No Yes Yes
Cloud Storage Yes Yes Yes
Subscription Required for Storage? Yes Yes Yes
Smart Platform Integrations Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Person Detection Yes plus familiar face alerts with Nest Aware No No
  • Popular video doorbell brands: eufy, Arlo, Ring, Nest, SimpliSafe, Vivint, SkyBell
  • Average cost: $190
  • Product spotlight: eufy Security Video Doorbell

The eufy Security Video Doorbell has the highest video quality of any video doorbell we’ve reviewed, 2K HDR with distortion correction. Requiring an existing doorbell setup, this camera has person detection, so it only notified us when it detected a person and ignored movement from cars, animals, and other inanimate moving objects. In fact, it even sent us a screenshot of the person it detected so we didn’t have to livestream the footage and check. Aside from that, the eufy Security Video Doorbell works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, has infrared night vision, two-way audio, plus 4 GB of local storage, and a wide, 160-degree field of view. Plus, at $159.99, it’s slightly cheaper than the industry average.

Smart Displays

Finally, smart displays are tablets that connect all of your IoT devices and can also play TV shows, movies, and the like. Amazon’s version of the smart display is their Echo Show devices, while Google’s version is their Nest Hubs.

  • Popular smart display brands: Lenovo, Amazon, Google
  • Average cost: $184
  • Product Spotlight: Amazon Echo Show 8
Echo Show 8
Amazon Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8, which has Alexa built-in, is an eight-in touch screen display with two-inch speakers and microphones. Using the Echo Show 8, we were able to access over 100,000 Alexa skills, which included everything from playing music from Amazon Music and Spotlight, watching Prime Video and Hulu, Skyping with friends and shopping on, you guessed it, Amazon. In particular, the Echo Show came in handy when we were cooking. Not only was it convenient to set up a time hands-free when we were covered in flour, but we could even tell Alexa to buy any ingredients we forgot. Plus, when all went wrong, we simply told Alexa to order food from Seamless.

To learn about more connected devices, check out our experts’ favorite smart home products.

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