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Over the past year, 47% of breaches originated in the cloud, according to the Cloud Security Index 2023 from cloud security company Illumio. “We’re seeing just so many problems coming out of the cloud because the rush to [adopt] the cloud moved faster than the trailing effort to secure the cloud,” John Kindervag, Illumio’s chief evangelist and creator of zero trust, tells InformationWeek.

Some enterprises are in the early days of their cloud journeys, testing the waters with a single cloud provider. Others, typically larger enterprises, are well into their cloud strategies with complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Initially, enterprises’ security concerns will revolve around the basics. Are they introducing any legacy issues into the new environment? Do they understand how cloud security differs from on-premises security? Instead of focusing on migration, enterprises with more mature cloud strategies are likely honing their cloud operating procedures and defenses.

Where an organization is in its cloud journey can dictate its priorities, but a core set of security issues are omnipresent. What are the attack vectors? How are the threats evolving? How can the organization defend itself?

If an enterprise is using cloud, it cannot operate that technology in a silo isolated from security. The following slides identify some of the biggest cloud security priorities for CISOs and their teams to consider this year.

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